November 22, 2019


I jumped onto the dedicated astrocam bandwagon and got myself a ZWO ASI 178 MC. It was a partial mistake.

The main reason I bought the ASI was its advertised high sensitivity but the sensor is inferior to D7500 in almost every regard. Dark frames from the ZWO are like paintings, complete with a solar-like feature at the top-right corner while Nikon’s dark frames are, well, dark. Statistics support this conclusion: a 120second master dark from subs taken in approximately 26 degrees has a median value of 400 for the Nikon and 2300 for the ZWO. Moreover, the maximum value recorded in the Nikon dark is 10 thousand while the maximum value recorded in the ZWO dark is 65535 (completely blown out pixels).

and I honestly do not think the sensitivity is that much higher.